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a new way to live

About us

Freeway is a Baptist Church in the bayside suburb of Chelsea, Victoria. 

Baptist Union of Victoria

While we still believe and adhere to the doctrines of traditional mainstream Christianity, our style is anything but traditional! Freeway is made up of people from all different backgrounds and all walks of life.
In our church, everyone is accepted for who they are; we treat each other with respect and dignity.
We like to see ourselves as BEING the local community rather than being apart from it.
    We recognize that we have a responsibility to encourage our church family to find and use their gifts and abilities both in the church, and local community, as well as further afield.


    Our Values values 

    "A New Way to Live"!
    A brief summary of our values were progressively drawn on this chalkboard during a  series of sermons, which can be downloaded  from our Sermons page.
    • Biblically Faithfully
    • Community in Christ
    • Spirited Vitality
    • Prayerfully Fervent
    • Renewed Worship
    • Selfless Service
    • Relationally Truthful
    • Practicing Hospitality
    • Exceedingly Generous
    • Culturally Redemptive
    • Mission Of Multiplication

    We are also proud of our full statement of "Mission, Vision and values".

    Freeway Baptist Church, a new way to live!