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How do I check the number of Registrations for an event?

How do I edit an Event?

To check the number of registrations for an event

  1. Login to ChurchTrac (Note that this is NOT Church Connect)
  2. Click on "Events/Attendance" in the left hand column
  3. Click on the event you wish to view, and you will be shown an EDIT screen.
  4. Click on the blue "Setup and Registration" button on the right, or if you have a narrow screen, towards the bottom.
  5. You will then see all the individuals who have registered for the event, and
    1. where they are bringing additional people.as "Registered +1" in the gray boxes on the right
    2. The total number want to people registered in the bottom right hand corner
    3. Use the Blue buttons on the bottom to
      1. ​Add Names manually (use this if you want to add people who may not be able to register themselves).
      2. View a report of al people coming
      3. Show the list of people on the "People Screen"


You can view video tutorials and/or webinars on "Events" and other ChurchTrac topics on the ChurchTrac YouTube Channel.

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