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Access via Platform Lift


Our Platform Chair Lift has now been INSTALLED by Savaria!


The Platform lift was installed in early July 2023, so we can now provide access to people who

  • Are in a wheelchair
  • Have trouble walking up or down stairs
  • Are on a SMALL motorised scooter
  • Have a Child in a Pram or Pusher

The Lift can carry up to 250 Kg, but space and safety issues really limit the capacity to 1 adult.


Quick Overview and Instruction Video (< 2.5 minutes)


Control Panel - Explanation

It is important to Note:

  • Lift will transport a person up or down by simply using the illuminated button on the hand-held remote.
  • Wall panel is only needed to CALL lift to you or to fold/unfold lift against rail, so it should be switched off when you have finished with it!
  • Opposite wall panel will not work if you leave your control panel switched on.

How do I use it?  (Please ask someone for help if you need it)

You should find the stair lift folded against the wall either at the base of the stair or at the top of the stairs.

If Lift is folded against the rail:

1.    Turn wall “call” panel key ON (to “1”)

2.    If it is already at your end, simply press the UNFOLD lift button once.

3.     If you Need to call the lift, Press and HOLD the appropriate “Call Button” (up or down arrow) until lift arrives,
(Down to call to the base of stairs, Up if call to top of the stairs).

4.     Lift will automatically unfold when it reaches you.

5.    Turn wall panel key OFF (to “0”)

5.    Enter and use the Lift as per above instructions.

Once Stair Lift is unfolded and ready to go, simply:

(a) Walk on, or roll your wheel chair onto the platform.

(b) Lock your wheels, if using a wheel chair, otherwise Sit down on the seat, for your safety! – (seat belt is available) DO NOT STAND! The safety bars might hit you if you stand.

(c) Hold down the illuminated button on remote control, until you arrive at destination.

(d) Lift will automatically lower ramps and lift safety bars when you arrive.

(e) Remember to FOLD the seat away and return the hand controller back in its place. 

(f) Turn the wall controller key ON and press the FOLD lift button once. This will fold the lift safely away. 

(g) Turn control panel key OFF


Please note that the safety bars that go up and down, are NOT HANDRAILS!

Hold onto the top rail above the seat or the seat itself. A seatbelt is available