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The Marriage Course


You’re invited to the Marriage Course: 

  • 7 sessions designed to strengthen your relationship. 

  • Starting Wednesday 24th July at Freeway Baptist Church, Chelsea

Whether you’ve been married six months or 40 years, whether you’re in a good place or struggling, The Marriage Course offers practical support to strengthen your relationship.

It is based on Christian principles, but designed to help couples of all faiths strengthen their relationship

The course helps couples to:

  • • Communicate more effectively
  • • Understand each other’s needs
  • • Resolve conflict
  • • Recognize how upbringing affects your relationship
  • • Develop greater sexual intimacy
  • • And much, much more...

Each session features leading experts, teaching content, and stories from around the globe.
Around 1.7 million people have attended The Marriage Course in over 100 countries and 45 languages.
99% of guests said the course had a positive impact on their relationship.
73% of guests experienced significant improvement in their relationship from the course 


Over seven sessions you will explore:

1. Strengthening Connection

2. The Art of Communication

3. Resolving Conflict

4. The Power of Forgiveness

5. The Impact of Family

6. Good Sex

7. Love in Action


What can we expect?

The course faciliators are Mason and Sandy Taylor. A small team of people will assist with catering each week. 

1. Arrival

Couples can arrive from 7:15pm to chat with other couples and grab a drink before the session starts at 7:30pm sharp. This gives guests a chance to unwind and connect with others before the session starts. 

2. Seating

Each couple will be seated at a private table, enabling couples to engage openly and honestly throughout the session. 

3. Watch episode

The sessions are presented via media presentation. Episodes are around 95 minutes in length which includes breaks for conversations throughout.  Each episode explores a different topic through real experiences, expert insights, and relevant teaching.

4. Coffee and Dessert

During the main conversation break a delicious dessert and your choice of drink will be delivered to your table


5. Talking privately

At no stage will you be asked to share publicly. Conversation times are between you and your partner only. }

6. Support

If at any stage during or after a session you need to speak with someone, the course facilitators will be available to help or to refer you onto qualified personnel. 

7. Finish

Each session will be finished by 9:15pm


The course content and facilitators are provided at no cost.

  • We ask for a Donation of $100 to help cover costs of 
  • Participant Journal x 2 ($40)
  • Drinks and desserts for the 7 sessions.  

Donations can be made via transfer or cash payment.

We do not want finance to be an obstical so please let us know so we can provide some assistance. 


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