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OneDrive Quick Overview


Some Quick Points:

  1. OneDrive provides a central place to store key documents for an organisation. Note that at Freeway we are using "OneDrive Personal" and not "OneDrive for Business".

  2. It allows easy collaboration without having to email copies of files to team members, even simultaneously if “Auto save” is used.
  3. OneDrive can be used by anyone with a free or paid Microsoft account.
  4. You can use your existing email address to create a free Microsoft Account if you need one.
  5. OneDrive can be accessed by a browser from anywhere, or any device, or can be synced to your computer so that it appears in your list of folders.
  6. A brief overview can be viewed here -
  7. If you receive an invitation to a shared Freeway folder, then follow the instructions below.

  8. You can have folders and files on demand, or on your computer – refer to
  9. Keeps files only in the cloud, not available if you are not connected to the internet
  10. Bring them to your computer for viewing or editing, or
  11. Always have specific files and/or folders on your computer on your computer – available anytime
  12. There is also lots of help online, including short videos, so simply Google any questions.
  13. There will be two basic areas initially:
    1. “Freeway Deacons - Shared" - for use by Deacons only
    2. “Freeway Shared Folders" - for use by various volunteers and ministries, Multimedia, Club Freeway etc
    3. If you are a leader or volunteer you may be assigned access to specific subfolders within the structure.

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OneDrive Cheat Sheet

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