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What is the process if I want to volunteer at Freeway?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Freeway! 

Volunteers are an integral part of our Church and are valued for their servant hearts
and the gifts and abilities they bring.

Freeway has adopted a Safe Church model as recommended by the Baptist Union of Victoria
and the Child Safe Standards of Victoria.
We are committed to maintaining a safe space for all.


We require volunteers at Freeway to have attended our church for at least 6 months. This enables you to get to know us and we can get to know you.
You also need to become aware of the policies and guidelines that shape the way we operate, how we work together and interact with each other. We are particularly careful that the correct guidelines are followed when working with children and vulnerable people.
Most volunteers will need to apply for a Working With Children's Check (WWCC).
There are three sets of practices and expectations for volunteers at Freeway depending on whether you

  • volunteer in Children's ministries, 
  • volunteer in General Ministries, 
  • volunteer as a Ministry Leader or as a Deacon. 

The requirements for each group are slightly different, although there is much overlap.


Here are the processes for volunteering in General Ministries and Children's Ministries



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Step Action Documents needed

Talk with one of the current leaders so that we get to understand your Christian journey, your gifts/talents, your motivation, drive and family situation. We can also answer any questions you have about the ministry or Freeway itself.


Complete an Application Screening Form and submit it to the Church Administrator or Secretary. Reference checks may be required.

Complete an Application Screening form - General Volunteer 


Complete an Application Screening form - Ministry Leaders & Children's Ministry Volunteers

Read the appropriate Policy Pack to become familiar with them. A list of these policies is available in the introduction of each policy pack

Policy Pack - General Volunteer


Policy Pack - Children's Ministry Volunteer

If you need to apply for a Working with Children's Check (WWCC). This can be done quite quickly online and is free.  

Guidelines are also in the Policy Pack.

Apply Online HERE if you have one of these documents
•    Australian passport (current or expired less than 3 years)
•    Current foreign passport (with linked visa)
•    Australian birth certificate
•    ImmiCard


Otherwise, there are 2 steps.
Guidelines are also in the Policy Pack.
  1. Complete application online
  2. Undertake your ID verification at an Australia Post outlet

Complete the appropriate Volunteer Code of Conduct form. This shows that you are now aware of, and agree to, our policies and guidelines. Submit your form to the Church Administrator.

Code of Conduct – Children’s Ministry


Code of conduct - General

The Church Administrator will then forward a copy of your application to your ministry leader for their signature and then to the Leadership Team for review.



Additional Requirements for:

Worship Team

View the Position Description, register your experience, and availability