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How do I link to OneDrive folders or files?

The question relates to adding a link within a document, to a OneDrive Document or folder. 

Link to the Online version

The easiest way is to link to the online version so that the file or folder should be viewable by those that have read or view access.

You can either use 'Sharing" or use an Online Link - the difference being the access security you might create.

What is best tags of user Defined Fields?

The General Rule of Thumb:

  • Tags = Organization
  • User-Defined Fields = Information

Tags are a way to label people who have a specific trait or belong to a particular group. User-defined fields are custom fields on the People Screen that supplement the built-in fields. User-Defined Fields are best for recording information about people or families. Tags are best when you need to know if a person is in a particular group or has a particular trait.

Can I personalize email messages?


Yes you can!


Type {firstname} or {lastname} in your message.

Fro example,, your greeting line could be something like this:

         Hi {firstname},

It will be replaced with the recipients's first or last name when the message is delivered.


OneDrive Detailed Overview

We have moved towards a more tightly controlled file management system involving OneDrive.

Some of you will have full EDIT access to folders, and some will only have READ ONLY access, in order to maintain some sort of control.

Are OneDrive files in the cloud or on my computer?


OneDrive folders and files are always in the cloud, but that can also reside and syncronise with your computer.


Choose if you want individual files or folders to reside on your computer.

Once you have added shared folder to your OneDrive, the folder and file structure will always appear on your computer, however the file or folder size may be large and you may not wish to continually chew up space on your hard drive.


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