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How do I add people manually to an event?

Do the following

  1. Refer to the "How do I check the number of Registrations for an event?" topic.
  2. Once you are viewing the list of people already registered, Click the blue "Add Names" button on the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select or search for the person to be added.
  4. Click the blue "Add Name(s)" button.
  5. The name will then be added to the list but without a Gray "Registered" status, and without contributing to the ":Count" of people.
  6. Click on the recently added Name!

  7. Select the Registration Status, and the number of any additional guests

  8. and close the window.
  9. The total number at the bottom of the screen may not refresh until you re-open the "Setup and Registrations" screen.


You can view video tutorials and/or webinars on "Events" and other ChurchTrac topics on the ChurchTrac YouTube Channel.

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