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How can I learn more about the Sound Desk?

We have a PreSonus "Studio Live" 24.4.2 sound desk.

Yes it looks complicated, but like most things, if you tackle new stuff a bot at a time, you eventually get there.
Buit remember

  • the Technical team are always willing to answer your questions as well.
  • It is alreasy setup, so it usually just needs minor adjustments each week.

The links below are to some training videos which point out the main features of this Sound Desk.

Check out the first few, concentrate on the volume mixing side of things, and then once you are more confident, work through the rest (6 and 7 are less used features) when you are ready.  

Training: - 7 Part Tutorial:

  1. Layout and Controls –
  2. Input Channel Control -
  3. Intro to the Fat Channel -
  4. Basic Mixing            
  5. Metering Explained
  6. Headphones and Soloing -
  7. Control Room Monitoring -

Top View

Back View