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Where do I start if I want to learn how to assist on the Tech Desk?

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Areas where technical help is needed, and where to start:

Someone at freeway can then guide you through a demonstration and, where needed, have you observe the process in action during a rehearsal or live streamed service.

The resource links below will hopefully give you an overview beforehand, so that everything is not totally new to you.

Area Subject Comments Useful Links

Person 1 Interested


Person 1 Interested



Slide Preparation We use CANVA (Team license) and PowerPoint    
  OneDrive Used for transferring files Register for free account, and/or provide Freeway with the email address you use to access OneDrive. Our OneDrive FAQs    
  Faithlife "Proclaim" program Displays multimedia and
song lyrics on screens and Live Stream
    Multimedia training Checklist Training Checklist    

Sound Desk

Overview   Training Checklist    
  Basic Mixing Operation Watch Videos 1 to 4
Video tutorials 1 to 4 - Basic    
  Delving deeper for refined mixing Watch Videos 5 to 7 Video tutorials 5 to 7 - More Advanced    

Production Desk

Overview   Our FAQs on Live Stream Production Console    

Lighting Control

Overview and FAQs   View Lighting FAQs