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What is best tags of user Defined Fields?

The General Rule of Thumb:

  • Tags = Organization
  • User-Defined Fields = Information

Tags are a way to label people who have a specific trait or belong to a particular group. User-defined fields are custom fields on the People Screen that supplement the built-in fields. User-Defined Fields are best for recording information about people or families. Tags are best when you need to know if a person is in a particular group or has a particular trait.

So when you're needing to store information that is specific to a person or family, User-Defined Fields are your best option. Here are some common uses for User-Defined Fields:

Although there is now a "Tags Report" option in the People --> Reports section, it is hard to include tags in custom reports.

It is much easier to create Custom Reports using User Defined Fields.


Is none of this makes sense, then this article is quite useful.

Refer to Tags vs User Defined Field

or https://www.churchtrac.com/support/tags/tags-vs-user-defined-fields

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