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How can I add Links within text in Church Connect?


Church Connect does have a LINK card. to link to a specific URL, but sometimes you might want add more links to the same tile, or links within text.

To do this you need to work in HTML mode.

Content Editor

When you are working with Church Connect Tiles, in a "Page" card for example, you will see a simple editor page, which allows you to  enter text and do some very basic customisation, such as Bold, Italics, Font, Font size.

This window does most of the work for you, i.e.. creates the HTML code behind the scenes.

Clicking the "<.>" icon will display your text in HTML format.

HTML Code Example:

So, for example, if I enhance (hmmmm ... questionable), the text to this,

the HTML code view would show the following, which takes practice to code manually, and why should you have to.

<p>If you want to see Freeway's <b><i>FAQ Pages</i></b> click <span style="font-size: 24px; font-family: &quot;Arial Black&quot;;"><u>HERE</u></span>.</p>


Adding Images or Links requires using HTML code as well.


Use a WYSIWYG editor to do this for you!

if you have access to an Editor that created HTML code, then great!

1. Use the 'Drupal" editor on Freeway's website.

Some of you know how to change content on this website, you can use this editor to add images or links.

2. Microsoft WORD

Note that Microsoft WORD sort of does this, but creates a lot of junk as well, and you need to know how to get to this part.


3. Free Online HTML Editor

You can use the online editor at https://html-online.com/editor/ to create HTML code for you.

  1. Go to this site
  2. Paste or type the text you want into the left hand panel, and the HTML code is shown on the right.
  3. if you hover over the controls on the left hand panel you will see what each one does.
  4. The font and colour changes above, and the addition of the link, result in HTML Code as per the right hand panel, which you can copy and paste into Church Connect (in code mode)
    The resulting HTML code is shown below:

    <h1>If you want to see <span style="color: #0000ff;">Freeway's</span>&nbsp;<strong><em>FAQ Pages</em></strong>&nbsp;click&nbsp;<a href="https://freewaybaptist.org.au/faq-page"><u>HERE</u></a>.</h1>
  5. Yoiu can use this mkethoid to add tables etc as well.


Good Luck!


You can view video tutorials and/or webinars on "Connect" and other ChurchTrac topics on the ChurchTrac YouTube Channel.

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