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How do I set-up registration for an Event?

To Add an Event

  1. Login to ChurchTrac (Note that this is NOT Church Connect)
  2. Click on "Events/Attendance" in the left hand column
  3. If there is a new one
    1. Click on the day and a new, blank event screen will be displayed.
    2. Most of the fields are intuitive and self explanatory
  4. If the event already exists but you want to set-up registration for it
    1. Click on the event
    2. if it is a recurring event, Choose the "This Event Only" option button, as you cannot setup registrations for a series of events

Edit the event to reflect any changed details.

Setup Registration

  1. Click on the blue "Setup and Registration" button on the right, or if you have a narrow screen, towards the bottom.
  2. There are probably no participants listed yet, but this is where you will see them, along with a count of th number registered in the bottom right corner.
  3. Click the blue "EVENT OPTIONS" button and fill in the options for the event.
    Typically you would set-up the event as
    1. "Public (Allow registrations)
    2. With a suitable Registrations cap
    3. A Registration/Response Deadline (if appropriate)
    4. 'Show Additional Guests Field" set to YES
    5. And select a ChurchTrac user to be advised of any new registrations (Optional)
      We have created a user called "Connect" which then emails our main connect email address (with multiple recipients) if this is appropriate.
  4. You can copy the event URL or download the event QR Code you need to do this,.
  5. You can even drag a JPG image file to the rectangular box if you want a special image for the event.
  6. if you need additional fields on the Registration page, these can be created by clicking the blue "EVENT FIELDS" button.

You can view video tutorials and/or webinars on "Events" and other ChurchTrac topics on the ChurchTrac YouTube Channel.

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