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How do I show CCLI License Details online?

We are required to show CCLI and song credit. Refer to CopyRight FAQ relating to this.

When adding a song to a presentation, make sure you scroll down in the middle, dark section (where the lyrics are arranged), to select what details are shown online and in-house.

Specific Detail options and fields


1. Song Author(s) - Auto filled

2. Copyright owned or controlled by- Auto filled

3. Hymn Number - NOT USED by Freeway

4. Licensed by CCLI tick-box and number field

  • The Checkbox should always be ticked!
  • The License number is unfortunately NOT auto filled, so please insert "77049" here.
    (you can remember it as 7 times 7 = 49, therefore 77049)

5. CCLI Song number - do not change- Auto filled

Recommended Settings

You can click on the blue words to change options.

6. Show Title

  • Option should be ticked
  • on First Lyric Screen

7.Show Cedits

  • Must be ticked
  • Once agaon, on First Lyric Screen

This will display as per below on a green screen (note that white text at top is hard to see, as expected). 
The green will become transparent.