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How do I use Bitwarden?


There are significant instructional pages available at the Bitwarden Help Centre, however this can be summarised by the following basic steps:

To start using Bitwarden:

  1. Download Bitwarden for your computer of device
  2. Either create a personal account or, if you have been granted access to Freeway's free account, login using username/password provided by Freeway.
  3. Browse or search for the required entry item
  4. Click on the displayed LAUNCH Icon to take you straight to the needed website.
  5. If the URL displays the credentials field for entry, the username and password can simply be entered or copied and applied, if appropriate.
  6. An advantage of installing the Bitwarden plug to your favourite computer browser, i.e. Microsoft Edge, Chrome etc, is that the username and password should automatically be populated from Bitwarden.
  7. If you need to change details on the site or service in question, make sure you update Bitwarden with the new details so that you will be able to recall this, and others can also note the changes if the details are shared.