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Training in Proclaim?

Where can I find training for the Faithl.ife Proclaim Proclaim program used to display songs and other items during worship?


If you are new to Proclaim or want a quick 5-minute refresher, then watch this Product Tour video.

Use the links below to find the type of help you are after:

Features used within Freeway

Note that as of September 2022, Freeway is probably still only using a small number of features available within Proclaim, namely

  • Announcements slides, prepared within PowerPoint, used within Pre/Post service loops., and as needed
  • Song Lyrics, retrieved from CCLI
  • Quick Screens
  • Playing pre-recorded videos
  • On-Screen Bible (as needed)
  • Web page display (as needed)
  • Virtual Screens

We are not using the following features, either because

  • we are doing things a different way,
  • have not yet explored the options to do so,
  • or have had no need at the moment

Features not currently in use

  • Notes screen 
  • Signals (to engage audience members with mobile devices - requires people to have the Faithlife Bible App on their phone or device)
  • Sermon Recording and publishing. This is done via our YouTube live stream and local USB backup
  • Audience interaction
  • Sound Desk input, midi or otherwise
  • Animated backgrounds
  • Sermon features (other than PowerPoint slides
  • Digital Signage
  • Image slideshows
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Bible Trivia
  • Surveys/Results
  • Cue's (i.e. Directions)
  • Confidence Screen (replaced by mirrored main screen with different background)
  • Proclaim Remote App, to control via a phone or tablet
  • Donations
  • On-Screen messages 
  • Online Collaboration tools