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How are screens configured within Proclaim?


If you go to SETTINGS / DISPLAY  in the top menu within Proclaim, you will see that we have 4 "Virtual Screens", each of which has an aspect ration (e.e. 16:9 or 4:3 assigned.

Virtual Screens

  • Slides to Stream - Feeds as Camera 4 on Production Console
  • Confidence - Used to display feedback to the stage (was used in Auditorium up until July 2022)
  • Notes - Not used at Freeway
  • Projectors - Added in July 2022 to display words, slides, videos within the auditorium

note that the "Projectors" virtual screen mirrors the "Slides to Stream", but can be customised to change background, fonts, placement etc.

Outputs - Actual Screens

These are the actual physical screens (called "Outputs" detected by Proclaim on the Multimedia computer that is running Proclaim.

Refer firstly to the FAQ entitled "How are the presentation projectors and screens set up at Freeway?".

This section is used to assign "Virtual screens" to physical outputs.

Here we can see that Screen 3 has been changed (July 2022) from the Confidence screen to the new Projectors virtual screen.

The addition of the new "Projectors" virtual screen has also added a new, similarly named, tab in EDIT mode.
Refer also to the FAQ: How to change song background to a Green Screen

Slides Tab (Edit mode)

Projectors Tab - (Edit mode)

Adding the Projectors virtual screen created a new Tab, for which you can assign your own background template, and or set specific fonts.

A Black background template exists in the Media browser.