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How are the presentation projectors and screens set up at Freeway?

Freeway has 3 Output Screens.

The presentation computer has 3 separate monitor outputs, and it is useful to understand which they are and what they are used for.

Screen 1 - Slides for Live Stream

  • This screen is what is sent to the production Screen and is Video input 4 to that console.
  • It appears as the small right-most window on the bottom of the production screen.
  • This uses a HDMI port

Screen 2 - Control screen for Proclaim, Lighting, OneDrive etc.

  • Used to control everything
  • Sits on the tech desk next to the production screen
  • This uses a DIV (Digital output ) port probably using a converter cable to output as HDMI

Screen 3 - Projector screens (front) and TV (back wall) via RGB cable (TV source/Input = PC)

  • This display goes to the 2 projectors/screens at the front of the auditorium, plus the TV on the back wall, via a RGB connected splitter.
  • The screens at the front only take a RGB connection and have a 4:3 display format, so 16:9 is displayed as a letterbox format.

If you loose track of the mouse pointer, it may be on another screen, but at least they are all in a row horizontally, so you should be able to drag the mouse left or right to try and find it.

Screen 4 - Back wall TV via HDMI cable (TV source/Input = HDMI3 ?)


Refer also to FAQ: How to display PowerPoint slideshow on a different screen