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How to display PowerPoint slideshow on a different screen

This answer relates to doing it outside of Proclaim, by only using PowerPoint or a Windows video player program.

If PowerPoint or Video are imported into Proclaim there is no need to follow the procedure outlined here.

Freeway has 3 Output Screens.

The presentation computer has 3 separate monitor outputs, and it is useful to understand which they are and what they are used for.

Refer to this FAQ to understand their use: 

To run PowerPoint to a different screen

  • Open PowerPoint presentation.
  • Click “Slide Show.” in the 2nd bar from the top
  • Click “Set Up Show.” in the new menu items that have just appeared.
  • Use the drip-down list for “Slide Show Monitor” to select the required monitor
  • Click OK to confirm

  • Then Click the ":Start from Beginning (f5) icon in the top bar
  • The presentation should then run on the screen you requested, leaving you control on Screen 2.

The Remote Control mouse / Clicker should work if the batteries are OK.

Check the the receiver is plugged into the USB hub on the tech desk.