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Can I configure or test Proclaim from Home?

How can I provide access or gain access to Freeway's Proclaim system?

Yes, proclaim synchronises over the internet.

To enable this requires a few things:

  1. The Administrator needs to add your email address to the group, and send you an invitation.
  2. You need to login to the website and accept that invitation. You really only need to go to this website once!
  3. Download the free procalim program for Windows or Mac, and installl it. -
  4. Login to that new program on your PC using the same email address and login.
  5. Open or duplicate a recent presentation within Proclaim, and start experimenting or setting up the next service.


Adding People to Presentation Group

Refer to the Faithlife webpage.

Joining a Proclaim Group Through an Invitation

Refer to the Faithlife webpage.