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Why are the platform lights not working?


Refer also to An Overview of Freeway Lights

A quick checklist

  • is the main "Music"circuit breaker switched on at the switch board?
  • Are the Power Points switched on behind the platform?
  • Is lights lead plugged into Socket 24 on the Multi-core patch panel on the floor behind the platform?
  • is the Multimedia computer running?
  • Does it need to be restarted due to a pending Windows update?  perhaps restart it anyway?
  • Is the DMX Control program running on the Multimedia computer?
    Refer to How to control the lights via the Multimedia computer
  • Is the intensity of the lights greater than zero (off) ?
  • Is the lighting interface assigned to the USB device or blank?
    Refer to the following to check or set: Is the DMX Control program configured for the USB interface to the lights?