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How can I practice songs in the Key that Freeway usually uses?

  • Many of the songs we sing at Freeway can be found on YouTube, but not in the key we usually sing them. How can I practice in the required key?

One Way - Directly via our YouTube Channel Playlists

We are extracted over 35 songs, which although not perfect, are of reasonable quality to publish in our own separate YouTube channel Playlist.

This Playlist can be found at either:


A Simpler Way - via our song lists page

But perhaps a simpler way to find these, in alphabetical order, is to

  1. go to our Rosters and Song Lists Page.
  2. Scroll down to the "Song Lists, Stats and YouTube Links section.

  3. Click on the list specifically for Recorded Songs. 
    The resulting list has columns showing YouTube Links. The first 2 sets of these are Links to Freeway Recorded songs, extracted for our Sunday Services (where they sound reasonable)
    -- the "Freeway Link" (highlighted in yellow)
    -- The Key it is recorded in (circled in red)

  4. Clicking the Freeway YouTube link will take you directly to the song you can play or sing along with, in the specified key.

Note that these 4 "Freeway" columns should now appear in all song lists on this page, but many songs may not have links.
The "Recorded" list only shows those that have links to our extracted songs.

The other columns contain links to either official, acoustic, or alternative versions of the songs in the YouTube world.