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How to Pause Live Streaming and Restart the stream when appropriate.

If there are in-house matters, or sensitive issues being discussed, can I pause the live stream, and how?

Refer also to the Overview of Production Console


To PAUSE a Live Stream, follow these steps:

In Proclaim on Multimedia computer:

 Ideally, display a slide pointing out that "Live stream will be interrupted for a short while".


On the Production Console

 Swap to Camera 4 (the PC), by pushing the "4" button on the bottom left bank of that this slide displays for about 6-8 seconds (as there is a delay in the stream).

After the slide has been displayed on the live stream for 6-8 seconds, Press the "Stream OFF" button on the production console, and the screen should revert back to "Off". 

  • Online viewers should see the slide and perhaps a spinning wheel on their screens. 
  • You could check this by displaying the YouTube stream on your phone.

  • Leave the Recording going so that we have a record of the service. On the adjacent screen the mode should still be showing a red "REC" for RECORDING.
  • Let the audio continue for the recording,.

Switch back to the appropriate camera or media presentation (if there is one), so that recording (only) can continue appropriately.


To Re-start the Live Stream, follow these steps:

On the Production Console

Simply Press the STREAM button on the top right hand corner of the production console. This is the same as when a Stream is initially started.

This should then cause the screen display to change from  "Off" to "On Air" again.