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How does the Worship Team operate at Freeway?

Freeway has gone through various cycles regarding music teams.

With the current team structure, communication and the working arrangements need to be well defined to keep the wheels turning well.

  • Once the roster is established, this is published on our Rosters page so that it is readily available for the team
  • In liaison with the person preaching that week, the Worship Leader usually selects worship songs to best suit the topic and service theme and the Order of Service (OOS)
  • Selected worship songs, including keys, are communicated to the team by the Worship Leader via our WhatsApp chat facility ion our mobile phones, ideally on the Monday or Tuesday, to allow for musicians and singers to prepare for rehearsal
  • Many songs in most of the keys we use, have been published on our YouTube Channel "Song Extracts" playlist, to enable practice at home as needed.
  • Access to sheet music can be arranged as needed, with consideration to our Copyright Policy.
  • The OOS is created by the Worship Leader, using a standard Freeway template, and uploaded to the OneDrive Announcements folder for reference to those that need it and those on the tech desk on the Sunday.
  • Once the OOS is finalised, the Worship Leader prints off copies for distribution to those involved in the service: Minster, roistered team members, Bible readers etc.
  • Rehearsals are held on
    • Thursdays nights at 7:30pm, where
      • The arrangements for each song are decided and verse chorus map is established as we run through the songs.
      • If the person roistered on Multimedia is present, the songs are selected within the Proclaim Software program, complete with verse order etc
      • The Sound desk person adjusts the sound system for the team configuration and requirements
    • Ideally at home, so that team members are comfortable with playing or singing the chosen songs, using Freeway sound tracks from our YourTube Channel Playlist or other provided links.
    • Sunday mornings at 8:30 am (for 10 am service), where
      • Final run through of the songs
      • Any final tweaks are made to musical arrangements and sound system
      • Announcements, On-Screen Bible Readings and any additional media are added to the Proclaim program on the Multimedia computer, and any other adjustments made
      • The Cameras are aligned, zoomed and focussed as need be.
      • The Pre-service slides are initiated with Only PC Video and Audio input selected, and the Live Stream and Recording buttons are pressed on the Production Console.

if anything has been missed, please let Steve know ASAP.