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Why can't I see updated files in my OneDrive folder(s)?

Someone who has shared access to a folder has updated one or more files but they are not appearing on my desktop or device!


This usually means a Syncronisation Problem.

This could either mean that

  • perhaps the other person's changes have not yet synched,
  • or your synchronisation has a problem.
  • or the folder or file is very large and time is needed to update things at either end.


Check the OneDrive Folder online, i.e.. via a Browser.

If the files have been updated ONLINE, then the issue is probably with your synchronisation.

How to Chromecast content to Freeway Screens

To Cast the content from your mobile phone or laptop to the Freeway screens or projects

1. You need to be connected to the Freeway WiFi Network

2. You either need 

(a) An Android phone and using the "cast" feature

(b) An Apple device, and an App that allows Chromecasting. Many Apple Apps only allow screen sharing to an Apple TV device

(c) A Windows Computer using the Chrome browser

How can I add Links within text in Church Connect?


Church Connect does have a LINK card. to link to a specific URL, but sometimes you might want add more links to the same tile, or links within text.

To do this you need to work in HTML mode.

Content Editor

When you are working with Church Connect Tiles, in a "Page" card for example, you will see a simple editor page, which allows you to  enter text and do some very basic customisation, such as Bold, Italics, Font, Font size.

How do I set-up registration for an Event?

To Add an Event

  1. Login to ChurchTrac (Note that this is NOT Church Connect)
  2. Click on "Events/Attendance" in the left hand column
  3. If there is a new one
    1. Click on the day and a new, blank event screen will be displayed.
    2. Most of the fields are intuitive and self explanatory
  4. If the event already exists but you want to set-up registration for it
    1. Click on the event

How do I delete people from an event?

You can delete people from an event by going into the event edit screen and

  1. Clicking on the name
  2. Changing the Registration status, or Clicking the red Waste Paper bin at the bottom right of the screen.

The Registration count should update next time you go into the "Setup and Registrations" screen.



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