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Why are there 2 QR Codes?


"Check IN" QR Code

Because of COVID, we need to electronically register all those visiting our church.

To comply with the Victorian Government COVID Contract Tracing Requirements, we now need to use an integrated Check-in system.

This new system is called, "Guest Track".

Scanning the "Check-In" code will take you straight to the page to register your details.

This web page allows most phones to remember your details, so it is easier next time.


How do I Register for Church Connect?

How do I register for Church Connect?


Registering for Church Connect is a simple 3 Step Process.


Step 1: Create an Account and Register your Details


(a) Click on the Sign In or Register Link on the Church Connect Page

What is Church Connect?

Church Connect is a new mobile friendly way of staying connected with Freeway, and each other.

It also a replacement for the Freeway Newsletter, which our recent survey revealed as something, a lot of you wanted, in the modern age.

What are QR Codes?


QR Codes

These are a type of bar code, and are simply a way of taking you to a web page without having to type in the full web address.

If you have an Apple device, scan them with your camera and then go to the suggested website shown in the pop-up.

For Android 9 and 10 phones, the camera App should also take you there if your settings include QR code’s scanning.



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